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What others have said:

On Coaching

open quotesopen quotesMy coaching sessions with Linda have been invaluable.  Taking time out and working with Linda gave me the perspective to be able to work through and analyse various aspects of my job in a logical manner. This then allowed me to anticipate and think through future challenges.  As a result, I felt more confident and considered in all aspects of my work and I have no doubt the change in my attitude and thinking has helped me achieve my ultimate goal of being promoted.

Anna Jones, Marketing Manager

On team working

open quotesopen quotesFeeling positive about new team. We have similar values and approaches and work really well as a team It has made me feel optimistic, positive and eager to engage with our shared future I feel elated that we are all on the same hymn page I feel very creative and hope to take up some of the ideas back in the office I feel more confident in the group dynamics It is nice to take time out to reflect on you and your team and values and helps to motivate to keep going! Well organised, welcoming and dynamic

open quotesopen quotesFantastic facilitator – I find your exercises very insightful and genuine and I enjoyed how the teams interacted A valuable couple of days – genuine use on a number of levels Participant team day City University

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